Carrie Fraser

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), UNSW Art & Design, 2017

Master of Art Therapy, UWS (current)

Carrie Fraser is a visual artist working in the field of drawing. Her art practice explores how rules-based, process oriented drawing can become a metaphor for the exploration of self.

The works begin with a system (set of rules), a grid on paper and a supply of ball-point and/or felt-tipped pens. The process includes a tally kept for the line count and while this adds to the labour intensity of the art making, the act of counting also adds to the meditative quality of the work. In hand drawing to a system, there comes a time in the drawing process where the line count is too high and this can result in an analogue glitch. Yet at this time, Fraser can then relax her approach to drawing.

Solo exhibitions

2017 — Factory 49, Marrickville

Group exhibitions and prizes

2017 — Kedumba Drawing Award (by invitation), Orange Regional Gallery

2017 — Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing (Finalist), Adelaide Perry Gallery, Croydon

2016 — A&D Annual (Art Scene/Faber-Castell Drawing Award), UNSW Galleries, Paddington

2016 — Tim Olsen Drawing Prize (Finalist), Kudos Gallery, Paddington

2016 — Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award (Finalist), Kudos Gallery

2016 — National Campus Art Prize (Highly Commended), Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle

2015 — Fowlers Gap Exhibition, ADspace Gallery, Paddington

2013 — St John’s Exhibition (Finalist), McGlade Gallery, Strathfield